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Focus on cookies from Mt. Fuji

Fujiyama cookie is baked carefully one by one every day at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
By carefully selecting materials, using exquisite compounding, baking adjustment
The taste of the original material such as umami, richness, fragrance etc is pulled out to the maximum.
Fabric baked in golden color is crisp and creepy, a sense of texture that unwinds in the mouth with a marrow.
It is a premium cookie that you can enjoy the cookie's original deeply gentle taste.

At the foot of Mount Fuji

There are only two stores that make Fujiyama cookie, both at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
At the bank of Kawaguchi lake which is counted in one of Fuji Goko, with a corner of the theme park that wants Mt. Fuji. From the majestic Mt. Fuji we bake every day, receiving the natural blessings of beautiful air and fresh water.

Do not leave my hands, handmade one by one

Control the temperature and humidity inside the workshop from the day before manufacturing so that it will be the most suitable material for making Fujiyama cookie. In addition, we will change the timing of mixing the materials and the force of the hand to extrude the fabric to the mold to maintain the quality of the cookie.

Texture that becomes addictive

The texture that unwinds in the mouth with crisp crushed roast is an example of British traditional sweets shortbread.
We pursued the formulation and mixing method of ingredients, how to bake, and invented exquisite cookies.