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Lisa and gaspal Souvenia cup sleeve


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"Souvenir Cup Sleeve" is on sale at Lisa and Gaspard Town "Patisserie".

As if as a stuffed anchovy Lisa fluffy and fluffy cup sleeve of gas pearl,
It is pretty cuteness that I want to take photos in mind!
It is limited item of Lisa and Gaspard Town.
Do you enjoy warm drinks with Tomato in the cold winter?

"Lisa and Gaspard Town" adjacent to Fujikyu Highland
Facing the 5th anniversary, holding an anniversary event!
Enjoy "Crystal Garden" which can be enjoyed regardless of day and night, limited time hood, goods.
For more information please visit Lisa and Gaspard Town's 5th anniversary site.

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"Lisa and Gaspard Town Limited Souvenir Cup Sleeve"

  • Price: Drink set 760 yen (tax included) ~
    Sleeve single item 700 yen (tax included)
  • Sales outlets: Lisa and Gaspard Town patisserie